Guidelines For Preparing Your “BizPitch Savannah 2020™ Proposal:

Use the space below to describe, in 900 words or less, your proposed business idea. All proposals will be evaluated by the BizPitch Application Review Committee, a team of experienced business experts. An effective proposal should address the seven key topics listed below and provide the Review Committee with a solid basis for evaluating the clarity, completeness, uniqueness, and practicality of the proposed business idea.

As you enter your proposal, a Word Counter will track how close to the 900 word limit you are getting. If you wish, you may create your proposal offline in MS Word (which also has a Word Count feature) and then copy and paste it into this form. Remember that any proposal more than 900 words in length will be automatically disqualified.

"BizPitch Savannah 2020™" Proposal:

1.  Name(s) and Contact Information of the Applicant(s)

2. Venture Name and Description: Name of your company and the products or services you will provide. Describe in a couple of sentences your idea and how it will benefit your target market, i.e. what unmet needs or problem(s) does your idea address. If you have tested your idea with potential customers, what were the results?

3. Market Situation: Describe the market(s)/customer(s) you intend to serve (demographic profile of target customers, market size, seasonality, accessibility, service expectations, etc.), market growth potential and sustainability, and barriers to entry,

4. Covid-19 Impact: What impact do you anticipate the pandemic will have on your market entry and ongoing operations? How will you address them?

5. Competition: Who are your main competitors? What is your competitive advantage? What is unique or better about your product or service? What sources of information are you using for your research?

6. Marketing/Communications: How will you market your product/service and promote your brand? What channels, e.g., social media, digital marketing, website, blogs, traditional media, etc. will you employ?

7. Distribution: How do you intend to get your product or service to your customers? Delivery service, digital marketing, e-Commerce, direct sales, service representatives, etc.?

8. Operating Requirements: Physical facilities; equipment; supplies; technical resources and capabilities; access to inventory and/or qualified employees; legal, licensing and insurance requirements, etc.,

9. Financial Considerations: Revenue expectation 1st year, capital, operating cash and sources of funds,

10. About You: List relevant skills and experience, contacts, level of commitment, risk tolerance, impact of current commitments on ability to launch/run a new venture.