SCORE’s “BizPitch Savannah™ 2020” Entrepreneurial Competition

Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a “BizPitch Savannah™ 2020” contestant. Please carefully read the following Rules and Requirements. It is essential that you comply with all Rules and meet all Requirements in order to apply. If you do not comply and you submit an application, your proposal will not be considered.


By submitting your proposal, you affirm that you have read, understand, and accept these Rules, that you meet all the event and applicant requirements, that you have completed this proposal yourself, that all information in this proposal is true and accurate, that you understand that your $25 application fee is non-refundable, and that you agree to the following:

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age
  • Proposed businesses must be either a new start-up or have obtained its Savannah-Chatham County Business License after May 1, 2019.
  • Completed applications must be received by no later than midnight Monday, October 5, 2020.  Incomplete applications, those over 900 words in length, or applications received after the deadline will be automatically disqualified.
  • Three winners will each receive a Prize of cash and business-related services which may be modified by the organizers from time to time prior to the event.
  • I/We will be responsible for all taxes associated with the Prize.
  • I/We release SCORE, its officers and agents, as well as all other persons or organizations affiliated with or in any other way associated with the "BizPitch Savannah™" event, from all claims and causes of action relating to my/our participation in the Competition.
  • I/We grant SCORE the right to use my/our name(s) and the name of my/our business and any image taken of me/us or the business by or on behalf of SCORE, without limitation and without additional compensation, notification or permission, in any medium whatsoever.
  • I/We agree to participate in activities to help publicize and promote SCORE’s “BizPitch Savannah™ 2020” before and after the event.
  • I/We understand that failure to comply with any of the rules or requirements set down in this application may result in disqualification and/or revocation of the Prize.


Preparing Your "BizPitch Savannah™ 2020" Proposal:

The BizPitch process begins by you submitting a written proposal describing your business idea. All applications will be evaluated by a Savannah SCORE team for clarity, completeness, uniqueness, and practicality, as well as compliance with the Rules.

The topics under the nine headings below MUST be addressed in your application. Remember to save your work as you go (Use the “Save” button) in order to not lose your work before you are ready to submit the application. Be brief and focused.

NOTE: Your proposal MUST be limited to no more than 900 words and submitted to by midnight Monday, October 5.


"BizPitch Savannah™ 2020" Proposal:

1.  Name(s) and Contact Information of the Applicant(s)

2. Venture Name and Description: Name of your company and the products or services you will provide. Describe in a couple of sentences your idea and how it will benefit your target market, i.e. what unmet needs or problem(s) does your idea address. If you have tested your idea with potential customers, what were the results?

3. Market Situation: Describe the market(s)/customer(s) you intend to serve (demographic profile of target customers, market size, seasonality, accessibility, service expectations, etc.), market growth potential and sustainability, and barriers to entry,

4. Covid-19 Impact: What impact do you anticipate the pandemic will have on your market entry and ongoing operations? How will you address them?

5. Competition: Who are your main competitors? What is your competitive advantage? What is unique or better about your product or service? What sources of information are you using for your research?

6. Marketing/Communications: How will you market your product/service and promote your brand? What channels, e.g., social media, digital marketing, website, blogs, traditional media, etc. will you employ?

7. Distribution: How do you intend to get your product or service to your customers? Delivery service, digital marketing, e-Commerce, direct sales, service representatives, etc.?

8. Operating Requirements: Physical facilities; equipment; supplies; technical resources and capabilities; access to inventory and/or qualified employees; legal, licensing and insurance requirements, etc.,

9. Financial Considerations: Revenue expectation 1st year, capital, operating cash and sources of funds,

10. About You: List relevant skills and experience, contacts, level of commitment, risk tolerance, impact of current commitments on ability to launch/run a new venture.


Submitting Your Proposal: Once you have completed your application and accepted the RULES, click “Pay & Submit”. You will then be taken to a page to pay the non-refundable $25 fee via PayPal or Credit Card. Once your payment is accepted, your proposal will be transmitted to Savannah SCORE for review. If your application meets all the required criteria, it will be referred to the BizPitch Application Evaluation Team. The eight highest scoring applications will be named finalists and invited to pitch their ideas to our panel of judges will take place on Friday, November 6.

For Finalists Only

Preparing your "BizPitch Savannah™ 2020" Presentation: Finalists will be announced no later than 5:00 PM Wednesday, October 14th. A SCORE mentor will be assigned to assist each finalist to help them develop and rehearse his/her pitch, including preparation of PowerPoint slides. There will be a “How To Pitch Your Business” workshop on October 19 and a “Dress Rehearsal” on October 29. Every effort will be made to help finalists prepare their pitches.

Main Event Presentation: The “BizPitch Savannah 2020” Entrepreneurial Competition itself will take place on Friday, November 6th. Finalists will deliver a four-minute stand-up PowerPoint-supported business pitch to a panel of judges comprised of successful local businesspeople and entrepreneurs. After each pitch, the judges will have an additional four minutes to ask questions and make comments. This year, the finalists and judges will be together at The Creative Coast at 2 E. Bryan Street where strict COVID-19 safety practices will be enforced. And, this year, instead of a live audience, the event will be live-streamed and the communitywide audience will attend virtually.

Three winners will be selected by the judges. The decisions of the judges are FINAL. Each of the three winners will receive a cash prize and a package of professional business-related services worth over $10,000. The final list and value of these services will be announced prior to the event.

We look forward to receiving your “BizPitch Savannah™ 2020” application. Please be sure to follow all the rules and guidelines provided here. If you have any questions or issues, please send them to

Your Savannah SCORE Mentoring Team