SCORE’s “BizPitch Savannah™ 2021”

Online Application


Use the space below to describe, in 900 words or less, your proposed business idea. All proposals will be evaluated by the BizPitch Application Review Committee, a team of experienced business experts.  An effective proposal should address the eight key topics listed below and provide the Review Committee with a solid basis for evaluating the clarity, completeness, uniqueness, and practicality of your proposed business idea.

As you enter your proposal, a Word Counter will track how close to the 900 word limit you are getting. If you wish, you may create your proposal offline in MS Word (which also has a Word Count feature) and then copy and paste it into this form. Remember that any proposal more than 900 words in length will be automatically disqualified.

Venture Description and Rationale

  • Provide your business name and a clear description of your products or services
  • Explain what problems(s) it solves or unmet need(s) it addresses
  • Have you field tested your service concept or prototype product? What modifications will be required to prepare for commercialization?

Your Marketplace

  • Identify your target market(s) and the customers you intend to serve, e.g., customer profiles, estimated market size, seasonality, service expectations, growth projections, etc.)
  • Will customer demand be sustainable?
  • Is your business model scalable, i.e., designed to allow sales growth beyond your initial market?

Your Competition

  • Who are your principal competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your competitive advantages, e.g., a unique or superior product/ service concept, proprietary technology, pricing, service support?


  • What channels and strategies will you employ to promote your product or service brand, e.g. digital marketing, social media, website, traditional media, etc.?
  • How will you distribute your products or services to your customers, e.g., digital marketing, e-commerce, 3rd party fulfillment services, storefront, direct sales, sales representatives?

Operating Requirements

  • What resources will you need to operate the business, e.g., office space, retail space, warehouse, or manufacturing facility; product or supply inventory; production or display equipment; IT or other technical resources; licenses; legal services, insurance coverage, etc.
  • What will be your staffing requirements? Partnerships? Other resources?

Financial Considerations

  • What are your first full year revenue projections? Explain the underlying assumptions on which your projections are based.
  • What are your business launch funding needs (capital and operating cash)?
  • What are your planned sources of funds?

About You

  • Tell us about your experience, relevant skills, and education which equip you to successfully launch and operate a new business.
  • From a personal perspective, why do you believe you have the risk tolerance and ability to commit the time and energy required to successfully operate a new business venture?